INDUSTRY 5.0 Australia and AHCP

Industry 5.0 & Industrial Upcycling membership no for AHCP

Our goal revolves around leaving a reduced foot print and using best practice which all will benefit from. The winner will be our earth, no more land fill and enough carbon to replenish back into the soil .

AHCP Machines are designed to contribute to a waste-less world, with my goal to eliminate organic waste ending up inland fill.

Also AHCP s mission is to rehabilitate PFAS Fire fighting foam contaminated soil and water
and needs a lot of Activated Carbon to do that .

AHCP has built, developed and improved it’s machinery and equipment to make products that contribute to soil health .

AHCP currently has 3 very desirable products .
• Biochar
• Vita char
• Wood smoke vinegar .

AHCP has developed 4 unique devices to DENATURE biomass back to base element Carbon C 6 a building block of soil.

Please note AMg stands for Australian Made gasifier and these machines use our specially developed technology.

AMg 03

The small home hobby use machine is Called AMg 03 .Batch process ,gas operated and and can denature 20ltr or 20 kgs of biomass irrespective of moisture content it can DENATURE wet green bamboo for example or human waste or a small dead animal it takes one hour plus another hour to cool down before you can open it or you run the risk of the product turning to ash which is undesirable .
This machine produces wood smoke vinegar .54 PERCENT TOTAL Carbon recovery as per test results NATA approved .

Amg 06

The second portable machine is mounted on a trailer this is called AMg 06, this machine is continuous and runs off gas and has a generator with steamer and excess power to run a induction stove .
The machine is portable on a trailer and fits into a 20 ft container for shipping it’s mobile and can do 20 kg or ltrs of biomass per hour .

Amg 09

The third machine is retro_fitted into a portable 40 ft container with a generator, as well as a Shredder A Vecoplan VAZ800 .
This machine is called The AMq 09, production rate depend on quality required by the customer. The product is produce to the customers request, taking into account bio mass type, moisture content and lignin potential as well as cellulose and hemicellulose content .
The machine produces premium grade Charcoal,as well as wood smoke vinegar that’s Melalin enriched a very desirable product and lastly ,LIQUID
Biochar ,Carbon in a liquid state unique and proven and tested and certified as Biochar in a liquid state for maximum sequestration possibility .


The fourth machine is also retro fitted in a 40 foot container with a VAZ1100 shredder. This top of the range machine is called the AMg369 and can convert 5 tonne in feed per hour.

It is mobile (can work off grid) with a modified gas operated generator, with the option of mixing bio fuel and Syngass to reduce the cost of production ie fuel, to run the induction system. This unit hs no Flame or Flare, as all the gasses are totally recycled and denatured for max recovery from the biomass feed to yield not only Carbon charcoal.

The carcoal is ACTIVATED by means of steam to open up the pores and increase the surface area , this process is able to “Charge the Carbon”:, obtaining an Carbon that is Activated, as well as “”Parra Magnetic” ie very desirable for soil and carbon sequestration into the soil