BioChar Uses and Benifits

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AHCP has built, developed and improved it’s machinery and equipment to make products that contribute to soil health. Our unique process of producing Biochar, which is a type of charcoal, produced from organic materials through a process called pyrolysis. Biochar is known for its ability to improve soil quality, sequester carbon, and enhance plant growth. Here are some directions on how to use biochar effectively:

AHCP supplies Biochar for a number of different uses that fit within our goal of embracing unique and innovative green smart technologies. AHCP’s, provides an environmental solution for a circular economy and at the same time generating benefits and opportunities for urban, rural and remote communities.

Incorporating Biochar into Soil:

  • Prepare the Soil: Before adding biochar, ensure your soil is adequately prepared. Remove weeds and rocks and loosen the soil if it’s compacted.
  • Distribute Evenly: Spread the biochar evenly over the soil surface. The recommended application rate varies depending on the soil type, but a common guideline is to use 5-10% biochar by volume. This means mixing biochar with your soil at a ratio of 5-10 parts soil to 1 part biochar.
  • Incorporate: Mix the biochar into the soil using a tiller, rake, or garden fork. Thoroughly incorporate it to ensure an even distribution. Biochar can be mixed with compost or other organic matter before incorporation for added benefits.
  • Watering: After incorporating biochar, water the soil to help it settle and begin the activation process


Biochar can be added to compost piles to improve the quality of compost. It can help retain nutrients, reduce odors, and enhance microbial activity.


Biochar can be used as a mulch around plants. This can help retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and provide a habitat for beneficial microorganisms.

As a Soil Amendment:

Use biochar as a soil amendment in potting mixes or garden beds. It can improve water retention and nutrient availability.

Air and Water Filtration:

Biochar can be used in air and water filtration systems to remove impurities and contaminants. It’s an effective medium for removing pollutants and odors.

When using biochar, it’s essential to select high-quality biochar products, such as AHCP’s Biochar, that are free of contaminants and produced from organic materials. Additionally, keep in mind that biochar is a long-term soil amendment, and its full benefits may take time to become apparent. Make sure to follow recommended application rates and practices for your specific application.

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