Rehab Vitachar

Australian Hardwood Charcoal Products has invented VitaChar it is not 100% cooked so the lignans are still active. The VitaChar is a mix of charcoal and lignans which when we add the protozoa to it makes it an active compound.

Rehab has been created from a culture from Japan and is very similar to Kombucha and it is added to the charcoal. When we add the Rehab to the charcoal it becomes the food for the protozoa so when we start to rehabilitate soil with PFAS. We put the activated charcoal in the soil in a liquid form that attracts the PFAS into the carbon and traps it. Then we add the rehab sugar culture to that charcoal. The protozoa eat the sugar from the rehab and they break down the PFAS they pass the resultant poo out it is clear of PFAS. The protozoa breaks down the PFAS and the result is PFAS are no longer a threat.

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