Samurai Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar is 100% natural plant fertiliser and pesticide, as well as an excellent bio-stimulant for plants

Wood Vinegar is pyrollgneus or wood acid or wood smoke vinegar, which is a byproduct of the Charcoal making process.

Wood smoke vinegar has been used in agriculture and horticulture for centuries to increase the yield of crops, as well as an organic pestiscide.

Wood vinegar is also a good anti-corrosion agent.

What is Wood Vinegar for?

Wood vinegar is a liquid collected by cooling the vapor from the charcoal making process. Wood vinegar solution contains more than 200 ingredients,
including organic acids, alcohols, phenol’s, vitamins and  minerals.
Wood vinegar solution is highly acidic, with a pH of 2.4-3.6

Reset Soil

Diluted 30 times
Water—Wood Vinegar
1L -> 30mL
5L-> 250mL
10L-> 300mL

  • Pouring wood vinegar solution on the soil temporarily increases carbon monoxide, which kills the bacteria and resets the soil.
  • After 4-5 days, the concentration of carbon monoxide will decrease.
  • Effective microbial bacteria will appear in the reset soil, which will help to build healthy soil.

Wood Vinegar was called Samurai Bath and used in Onsen a long time ago.

Samurai Bath

A longtime ago in Japan, during the edo period, the samurai used wood vinegar when the returned from battle. The did not bath or was themselves for months. They use to get wood smoke vinegar from the charcoal makers and add the vinegar to the bath water to clean themselves and to soothe away aching muscles as well as disinfect their wounds. The Samurai used wood vinegar to keep their swords sharp and clean to maintain the razor sharp blades.

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