Animal Poo BioChar

Biochar for Animal poo label and bottle of samurai wood smoke vinegar

There is something like 11 million dogs and cats in Australia all of whom will create poo during the day. Depending on how big the animal is will govern the amount of poo they create each day. Taking a average dog and cat this would equate to 1,000 Million Kg of poo or more each year in Australia.

In keeping with our principle of embracing unique and innovative green smart technologies. AHCP’s provides an environmental solution for a circular economy and at the same time generating benefits and opportunities for urban, rural and remote communities.

AHCP is an active member of Industry 5.0 which is based on the principles of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING – the methodology of systematic Waste prevention.

Animal waste is a constant problem for Pet owners. Responsible Pet owners will pick up the dog or cat waste and place it into plastic bags or some may have a simple composting bucket in the garden into which they deposit the poo from there animals. Over time this will break down and be returned to the garden. The trouble is this is a long process.

AHCP uses it’s unique products to enhance the composting action of animal waste, while addressing the smell and the end product is environmentally friendly which can be returned to the soil.

Activate BioChar takes care of the poo and substantially reduces any offensive odder. The end product of AHCP’s process is to create a environmentally friendly solid waste which can be returned to the soil. Supplying a high-quality fertiliser and returning Carbon to the soil, both of which enhance the environment and reduce the waste products removing the need to be treated with chemicals and energy.

Please note that you should not use the decomposed animal waste on vegetable gardens according to the EPA dog waste is a safe soil additive for revegetation and landscaping when it is composted properly.

Why Use BioChar

Our unique product has two highly sort after properties.

  • The first feature of the charcoal component of the BioChar, which is a very effective agent for binding odour. Our charcoal is specifically manufactured to have a very high number of pores and channels, which create the extremely large surface area. It is this surface area which binds the odour molecules when they come in contact with the charcoal. It also readily absorbs moisture, which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.
  • Our second feature of BioChar is the unique process by which we enhance the charcoal with Rehab to the charcoal which becomes the food for the protozoa. The protozoa eat the sugar from the rehab and they break down the animal waste they pass the resultant poo out it is clear of any harmful byproducts. The protozoa breaks down the animal waste and the result is a product which can be used to enhance gardens, farmland or natural bush without any harmful side effects. It is not good on vegetable or root crops.

How to use BioChar for Animal Poo

Depending on the amount of poo produced you will need a couple of buckets which will take a week or so poo. Set these aside in a discrete part of your garden which is easily accessed. When your animal poo’s you can then pick it up and put it into the active bucket.

  • To start the process sprinkle approx. 2 cups of BioChar into the active bucket. This will then soak up any fluid and start to break down any solid waste which is deposited in the bucket.
  • After a day of adding poo to the bucket sprinkle one cup of BioChar over the solid waste.
  • Once the bucket becomes full you can then leave it for a week or so then use it as you would any other fertiliser. Remember it is not good on vegetable or root crops. The BioChar has broken down the contents into a harmless product which is rich in nutrients and carbon that will enhance soil. You just start a new bucket while this one breaks down into a compost for the garden

How to Clean

We recommend using our Samurai Wood Vinegar which is a byproduct of our Charcoal making process. As well as being a plant bio-stimulant, helping to to improve water and nutrient absorption through their roots. It is also an excellent for cleaning your buckets, as it will effectively disinfect the surfaces it is applied to, while being non toxic to humans when used in the right concentrations.
Mix it with water (1:10 ratio) and use it to clean and disinfect your bucket.

See our article on Samurai Wood Vinegar on our website for dilution figures.