John Oweczkin

little bit about me – I have a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and more than 40 years of experience in chemistry particularly Analytical Chemistry so I like dealing with facts. I have worked in medical research, run an analytical chemistry facility at UQ, worked in toxic waste disposal, surface coating industry and other areas, so I have a diversified knowledge. I also have an interest in growing mushrooms, using our unique method that benefits the health. Our concentrate is proven to reduce inflammation restoring the body to better health and in some cases within days.

I was introduced to Rob late last year and quickly found that we have much in common. Rob is an expert in pyrolysis. I have been in quality control for a long time. I had worked with activated carbon on occasions and understand its properties and uses to a degree. I can see, working with Rob, he can make forms of charcoal, biochar quickly, and to have various properties
and I can monitor for consistency.

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