Our Machines

We have 3 different machines for converting bio waste into BioChar. All our machines produce BioChar via our unique process of manufacture which uses heat in the absence of air. Our unique process enables us to produce the BioChare with very little CO2 production enhancing our negative pollution credentials.

Small Machine

Our small machine which is used for low output runs. It can convert bio waste into BioChar at the rate of 0-50 Liters every three (3) hours. It is to be used only on small runs.

Medium Machine

Our medium size machine which fits on a trailer and is self contained. It has everything which is needed to convert bio waste in to BioChar at the rate of 0-100Kg per day. This is for use in small scale waste management.

Large Self Contained Machine

Our large machine which is housed in a 40 Foot container is self contained. It has a power source, chipper, conversion chamber and separator which gives the 3 products from the bio waste. With this machine we can convert 0-5 Tons of bio waste into BioChar per hour.

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