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AHCP is a company through its founder Robert Tonks, dedicated to improving the planets health using innovative and portable off grid pyrolysis technology developed in Brisbane Australia, to produce BioChar and help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by sequestration into the soil. AHCP in another unique process has developed a method to eliminate PFAS in affected soil and rehabilitate the soil back to productive health. This will be achieved by converting many thousands of tonnes of greenwaste burnt or sent to landfill each year in Australia, into a valuable natural resource for present and future generations to benefit in an environmentally sustainable way.

We have a number of products that are derived from…..



Our unique process of producing Biochar, which is a type of charcoal, produced from organic materials through a process called pyrolysis. Biochar is known for its ability to improve soil quality, sequester carbon, and enhance plant growth. Here are some directions on how to use biochar effectively:

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BioChar for Composting Toilets

Samurai Wood Smoke Vinegar

Pyrolysis wood smoke vinegar, also known as wood vinegar or pyroligneous acid, is a liquid produced from the distillation of wood through a process called pyrolysis. It can be used for various purposes, such as gardening, cleaning, and even as a condiment.

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BioChar for Animal Poo

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